Futureya - What's next ?

Interactive video workshopL’objet final poursuivi dans l’atelier vidéo interactive était clairement une référence au DVD vidéo interactif Disposition que nous sommes venus présenter à Alexandrie. Il s’agissait pour l’équipe de l’atelier de réaliser une œuvre audiovisuelle commune où les vidéos de chaque réalisateur seraient reliés entre elles par des menus, selon des relations de sens ou de formes. Ces liens, ces mises en relation, cet hypertexte ainsi constitué d’une agrégation de plusieurs travaux singuliers a contribué au renforcement de l’idée d’un collectif. De cette création est apparu une certaine fierté d’avoir abouti une aventure collaborative.

À présent quel est l’horizon pour ce groupe de réalisateurs ? La première étape pour continuer à travailler ensemble a été de constituer un canal de diffusion sur la plateforme de films indépendants Viméo – http://vimeo.com/channels/futureya – où chaque membre a posté la film réalisé durant la semaine de travail. Un réseau a ainsi été constitué nous permettant de partager les réalisations futures de chaque membre. La création vidéo interactive Futureya initialement conçue pour un support DVD, a donc naturellement fait l’objet d’une diffusion en ligne. Le DVD a aussi été présenté à l’espace d’art contemporain El Dokan à Alexandrie.

Maintenant que ce groupe est aguerri, la prochaine étape consisterait à approfondir l’idée de vidéo interactive. Afin de favoriser la dynamique du groupe un nouveau temps de travail est impératif. La conception de vidéos pilotés en temps réel par des acteurs ou des spectateurs pourraient en être l’objet d’étude aussi bien au niveau technique que conceptuelle.Women-copie

The final object produced during the interactive video workshop clearly refered to the interactive video DVD Disposition, which we presented in Alexandria. For the workshop team, the goal was to create a collective audiovisual work, in which menus would link each video to one another according meaning or shape association. These links, those connections, that hypertext generated by the aggregation of several personal works has contributed to strengthen the idea of a collective. With this creation, a certain pride of being part of a collaborative adventure has appeared.

Now, what the perspectives for this group of filmmakers ? The first step to keep on working together has been to create a broadcasting channel on Viméo, an independant movie platform, – http://vimeo.com/channels/futureya – on which each member has posted the movie made during that week. A network has be constituted, where each member will be able to share his production in the future. The interactive video work, Futureya, originally created to be seen as a DVD, has been naturally broadcasted online. The DVD has also been screened at El Dokan Art Space in Alexandria.

Now that the group is familiar with this kind of creation, the next step would consist in developing further the idea of interactive video. In order to make easier the group dynamic, a new period of work is very important. The making of video generated in real-time by actors or by the audience could be studied, at a technical and at a conceptual level.

Renaud Vercey

Retrouvez ci-dessous quelques réalisations de l’atelier / You can view here some of the video created during the workshop :

The Crowd from Mayye Zayed on Vimeo.

Reverse عكس from karim shaaban on Vimeo.

Sea Abstract from Dr.Medhat Elsoudy on Vimeo.

yellow from Lamia Moghazy on Vimeo.

Screenshots of the videos

Screenshots of the videos used in the final interactive DVD video

First day of the interactive video workshop

wkvideointeractiveD1-2The interactive video workshop lead by Renaud Vercey and Bruno Voillot with the help of Mohamed Youssef has begun on monday at the French Cultural center of Alexandria. The participants will work on the creation of a interactive DVD dealing with the aesthetics of futurism within the city of Alexandria. After a first day of discussion and the discovery of the specificity of multimedia forms, they are today shooting material in the city.

The participants of the workshop  are :

Nancy Adel is a 22 years old student at the Faculty of Fine Arts of Alexandria (painting) and also a theater actress. She participated in many theater workshops and theatrical plays. She also has an experience in cinema, as an actress, as a director’s assistant, and as a production assistant.

Her first experience as a director can be seen on youtube : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QpPHLxoa74U

Mayye Zayed is 24. She studied Communication and electronic engineering and is now studying cinema at the Jesuit Cultural Center of Alexandria. She participated in many cinema/video related workshop, in Alexandria and Cairo, and also worked as a website designer.


Ayat Elmihy studied political sciences at Cairo University, while following painting and movie making courses. She directed a first documentary film about Alexandria, called « Life and well being », that has been screened at the Cairo Opera and at the Bibliotheca Alexandrina.

Karim Shaaban
is 19. He studies Information Technology in Thebas Academy in Cairo and is also a film maker a digital artist, and a graphic He was part of the Egyptian artists selection for the Skopje Biennal in 2009.

His website : http://www.karimshaaban.com

His youtube space: http://www.youtube.com/kinoodzio

His deviantart space : http://www.karimshaaban.deviantart.com

Sara Hany Abed is 23. She studied fine arts (painting) at the University of Alexandria. She participated in photography and installation workshops, and various exhibitions. She was chosen among the egyptian delegation for the Skopje Biennale in 2009. She developped art activities with children of special needs.

Lamyaa Moghazy is 23. She’s a visual artist who participated in RAMI platform in Alexandria and Beirut. She studied at the painting department of the Faculty of Fine arts in Alex and participated in several workshops related with animation and sound and image on the web. Her works was showed in Alexandria and she was part of the egyptian artists selection at the Bari Biennal in 2008.

Mona Mahfouz is 35. She’s studying painting at the Faculty of Fine Arts of Alexandria. This is her first participation in a video art workshop. She took part in various painting, and artistic workshops.

Medhat Elsoudy is 36, he studied at the Fine Arts Faculty of Alexandria. He is a member of the syndicate of Fine artists and a teacher at the Fine Arts Faculty (painting). His works were exhibited in Alexandria and his video screened in France and he was rewarded many prizes. His movie « Control room », that will be screened at the bibliotheca arts center tonight, can be seen on his youtube space :


Interactive video / Alex dec 09 / Call for participation

In the frame of Memory and futurism event in Alexandria

Proposed by ZINC and Instants Vidéo, in partnership with French cultural Centre, Italian Cultural Centre,Jésuits cultural centre, Atelier of Alexandria, Arts Center Bibliothéca Alexandrina, l’ACAF, Fine arts school in Alexandria, Mahmoud Saïd Museum, ….. Interactive Video Workshop with Fine Arts Students conducted by Bruno Voillot and Renaud Vercey, with Mohamed Youssef. From 8-13 December 2009

* Content/objectives
- DVD video: creating a DVD menu, video icons in flash format, and conception of a DVD navigation system. – Internet video: integrating videos in the flash format and playing with audience interactions – Real time video: pilot a video with a joystick USB This workshop won’t cover all the technical aspects of interactive video, but it will be a good way to present and share the wide range of possibilities, offered by new technologies, to apprehend audiovisual art

* Software needed: Suite Adobe: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe premiere, Adobe Encore, Adobe Flash + software which can be downloaded online: Max/MSP/Jitter, Audacity

* Pre-required participants: Directors or visual artists who have an artistic direction: film or digital images creation, musicians interested in the relation to image and visual art. Participants must have a PC laptop (?), filming equipment (mini-dv camera, camcorders or digital camera with video option)

* Located in CFCC Alexandria/ time code From 10 am to 5pm, including a break, on 8, 9, 10, 12 and 13 th December

* Selection and deadline Applicants must send one or numerous videos on sharing websites (viméo, YouTube, dailymotion) + CV before the 1th december 09 at : Renaud Vercey: renaud@lafriche.org

Comity: Hadil Nazmy, Mohamed Youssef, Yann Norry, Renaud Vercey
Contacts in Alexandria: Hadel Nazmy: haziznazmy@yahoo.com Mohamed Youssef: mhyoussef1968@yahoo.fr


الذاكرة والمستقبلية

في إطار مهرجان الفيديو « الذاكرة والمستقبلية » والذي سوف يعقد في الاسكندرية في الفترة من من 8-13 ديسمبر,2009   بالتعاون مع فرنسا ندعو طلبة كلية الفنون الجميلة بالمشاركة في ورشة عمل الفيديو التفاعلي تحت اشراف مجموعة من الفنانين الفرنسيين الفنان المصري محمد يوسف

تهدف الورشة الى:-

- استخدام العديد من الوسائط التفاعلية في ٳنتاج أعمال فنية تفاعلية على سبيل المثال عمل DVD بأسلوب,  استخدام برامج الفلاش.

-استخدام اﻹنترنت والفيديو في تصميم عمل تفاعلي مع الجمهور.

تركز الورشة عليى فكرة تصميم الأعمال التفاعلية للفنون البصرية والسمعية ولن تغطي الورشة كافة اﻹحتمالات والتقنيات التي تقدمها الميديا في انتاج العمل الفني ولكن ستحاول فتح افاق لمناقشة الفنون البصرية

البرامج المستخدمة

-Adobe Photoshop, Adobe premiere, Adobe Encore, Adobe Flash

-Max/MSP/Jitter, Audacity

المشاركة الورشة مفتوحة لكل من:

-المهتميين بمجال توظيف الصورة الرقمية والفنون البصرية في أعمالهم

- صناعي الأفلام والطلاب المهتمين بالوسائط البصرية مثل الفيلم والصورالرقمية والموسيقين

للمشاركة يرجي ارسال :-

1- السيرة الذاتية علي العنوان التالي:                                Renaud Vercey renaud@lafriche.org

2- نماج من أعمال سابقة على المواقع التالية :                                viméo, YouTube, dailymotion

و ذلك قبل 25 نوفمبر 2009, سوف تعقد الورشة بالمركز الثقافي الفرنسي من الساعة ١٠ صباحا و حتي ٥ مساء في الفترة من 10 – 13 ديسمبر 2009


لا بد من توافر أجهزة الكمبيوتر الشخصية كذلك كاميرات الفيديو أو الكاميرات الديجيتال للمشاركون في الورشة

أعضاء لجنة التحكيم:-

هديل نظمي – محمد يوسف – يان نورري – رينو فرسي

للاتصال باﻹسكندرية

هديل نظمي hananazmy@hotmail.com

محمد يوسف mhyoussef1968@yahoo.fr

منسق برامج التعاون الثقافي بالكلية

ا . م. د / صفاء عبد السلام