Russian accordion makers also have great products. Tulskaya Garmon’s Tula Etud accordion, 205 M2, is shown here. This accordion is a standard chromatic with the button configuration. Its great tone is the first thing that we notice. This instrument is very affordable. This is not surprising, since it was made in Tula, one of the most iconic accordion epicenters around the world.

Only three rows of buttons are available on the treble side, while 55 buttons total are available. Some might find this too few, but it is up to individual preference. We have 100 buttons on the bass side that offer great performance for all levels of playing.

This accordion is rare, but you might find one occasionally. Its greatest strength is its tonal qualities, as we have already mentioned. This is a great tool for accordion players. This tool is recommended for professional and intermediate players. It can be useful for beginners, too.

Although it is not necessary, we want to highlight the fact that the accordion comes with durable and quality-made straps. It has a beautiful, elegant design and great sound. You don’t need anything more.

2 thoughts on “Tulskaya Garmon Tula Etud 205 M2

  1. Jonson

    Accordions are always best musical instruments. Personally I prefer them because of their lovely sound.

    1. Timmothy Fox

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts Jonson.

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