The 4-string Gold Tone IT-250F Irish Tenor Banjo is the most popular. It features a one-piece flange and resonator. The Gold Tone Irish Tenor Banjo, especially considering the price, is truly amazing. It will amaze you how much it costs to hold it and then play it.

Our Irish Tenor banjos are a firm favourite in the Celtic arena. Andy Perkins recommended this new model. It is based upon a custom design he had been working on for years to meet a growing demand for a more “upfront” banjo than his well-respected IT250 model. Andy was instrumental in the design of this model, which packs more punch/volume and can “cut through” crowds at Celtic music sessions. The combination of the well-respected Gold Tone short scale tenor neck, hard rock maple 3 ply rim, sandcast brass tone ring and 14-inch traditional resonator ensures high quality tone. You can find it here!

Every banjo is played before it leaves our shop.
Each banjo receives a full 12 point inspection, head tuning, setup, and is ready for play.

2 thoughts on “Gold Tone IT 250-F 17 Fret Irish Tenor Banjo

  1. Laura

    I got this same model but with custom design. I really loved it.

    1. Timmothy Fox

      You are right Laura. Its custom design makes it unique. Thanks for checking out and sharing your experience with us.

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