The Ortega OUBJ100SBK Banjolele has a unique sound. The Ortega OUBJ100-SBK Banjolele combines the best of banjo and ukulele design to produce a high quality Ukulele Banjo. The Ukulele Banjo is fun to use with its sleek, comfortable feel. Top-quality tonewoods and a high quality remo-head provide an addictive sound. The cool black satin finish makes it a stylish companion to your sonic instrument. You’ll stand out thanks to your unique tonal flair which combines the sonic twang and tone of a banjo with the tonal likeliness of a Ukulele. This Ortega OUBJ100SBK is the ideal way to add something new to your folk performance.

You don’t have to choose between banjo and ukulele again. This adorable, modern instrument combines the best of both ukuleles and banjos. This combines the best of both ukulele and banjo with a compact, concert-size body. It’s amazing and a joy to play for hours. It has a banjo sound with bright, lively ukulele jangle. This makes it very responsive to the individuality of each player. The ukulele has a beautiful chiming sound that is perfect for folk music and many other genres.

It sounds amazing, and will look great wherever you go. The quality satin finish gives this Ortega OUBJ100SBK Banjolele a touch of silkiness. Satin finishes allow more tonewood’s sound to shine through and provide the best playability. You can glide effortlessly up and down your neck at your own pace and in complete comfort. It’s time for you to let loose.

2 thoughts on “Ortega OUBJ100-SBK Banjolele, Black

  1. Mark Wayen

    This combination of banjo and ukulele is incredible. I would definitely go for it. Thanks for helping out.

    1. Timmothy Fox

      Certainly this would be a good decision. I am glad I could help.

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